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Transport Fare Collection

HCCTG can propose optimization plans for improving intercity railway planning, regional transportation construction, and road traffic management. The purpose is to help passengers achieve displacement and meet their travel and transportation needs through various tools. Covering subways, buses, taxis, etc.

Mobile Payment

HCCTG provides comprehensive payment solution customization, covering contact and non-contact payments, QR code payments, and more. In addition, ergonomic product design and high quality are crucial.

Access Control System

Biometric access control solutions not only have the advantage of preventing privacy breaches, but also provide convenience and security for personnel management. Therefore, HCCTG can provide true access control for your enterprise, which not only means preventing access to high security areas. It can also record the visits of employees and visitors for easy data statistics.

Logistics Management System

"Logistics Solution" is a multifunctional system developed by HCCTG for the e-commerce logistics and distribution industry. This solution achieves coverage of the e-commerce logistics distribution chain from ordering, picking up, transportation, distribution to delivery and signature updates through PDA mobile terminal devices.


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