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Intelligent Commercial Equipment Cases From HCCTG


Serbia: To pay for tax controls, such as: Fiscal payment application.
Thailand: Health Management System,Such as:Blood oxygen detection, social security card recognition, etc.
Airport: HCCTG successfully cooperated with TAX REFUND oftaly on the application of airport tax refund. The customerindependently developed the corresponding APP to realizeefficient tax refund.The use of the airport allows people to directly refund thetax through the APP and staff of TAX REFUND at the airportbefore taking off.
Kenya: The customer has developed andaunched a cost-effective multilateral retail platform thatprovides powerful enterprise-level point-of-sale servicesfor small-scale traders and large corporations, and providesend-users with daily software and service payment models.Mainly used in Kenyan bar, restaurants, distribution warehousesand trucks, bus ticketing, etc.
Rwanda: For card payments.


Laos: Bank counter applications.
Vietnam: Financial social security card project, credit card processing.
Ukraine: Local refueling station membership card payment application. Each station is equipped with 1-2 sets of our Z90PD overing 1400 sites across Ukrain. 
The Details: The gas station implements the oil card membership system. User uses the oil card to pay on the Z9OPD, then uses their own bank cards to recharge this oil card, which is separate from the bank's business and realizes the freedom of trading.


Albania: HCCTG has introduced the R330 handheld POS machine tailored specifically for the Albanian market, aiming to streamline operations for local retail stores. This handheld POS device offers the capability to efficiently print receipts, facilitating smooth transactions and enhancing customer satisfaction. Whether it's small-scale shops or larger retail establishments, the R330 provides a cost-effective solution with its robust enterprise-level point-of-sale services.


Colombia: Used for the management of access control and credit card system in metro projects.
Indonesia: Access control card
Bolivia: For bus credit card payment
Costa Rica: For bus credit card payment
metro credit card payment
Columbia - Metro
bus credit card payment
Hong Kong - Octopus
credit card payment
Indonesia - Access control
Access Control Products
Indonesia - Access Control 
Public Transport Equipment
Bolivia - Public Transport
Public Transport Products
Costa Rica - Public Transport


Thailand: For credit card payments on public transport
Costa Rica: Bus credit card payment program
Chile: Bus credit card payment program
Bus credit card payment
Costa Rica
Bus credit card payment manufacturer


Printed ballot papers
32000pcs of HCC-T2P used in 2019 Philippines National and Local Election.
ballot papers printer
Shenzhen HCC Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully cooperated with Gemalto about 2019 Philippines National and Local Election.
ballot papers printer manufacturer
Gemalto provided over 30,000 biometric tablets and portable printers ( HCC-T2P of HCCTG ) to enable rapid identification and authentication of voters in the designated precincts across the Philippines.


Indonesia: Express industry printing labels.
HCCTG successfully cooperated with Indonesia Paxel Company about our label printer HCC-L31, which is customized using in express. After development, this printer has successfully connected Mobile APP for printing express orders. The protability of HCC-L31 is greatly convenient for outdoor printing, and improves the efficiency of logistics industry.


Uganda: For printing problems in warehouse management and community distribution chains.
HCCTG successfully cooperated with a local supermarket chain in Uganda. Customers purchased 561 pcs of our HCC-L51 for warehouse management and community distribution, which solved the printing problem in the customer supply chain.


United States: The HS-S03 2.4G wireless ring barcode scanner support 30mm long distance QR reader streamlines warehouse management by enabling efficient barcode scanning directly on pharmacy boxes. This intelligent solution offers a seamless integration of advanced point-of-sale services tailored for both small-scale traders and large corporations, presenting them with a cost-effective platform, which ensures accurate inventory tracking and facilitates smooth operations within the warehouse.


Thailand: A groundbreaking solution has been introduced with the utilization of the ACR39U-U1 smart card reader, specifically designed for the recognition of identification cards. This innovative technology aims to streamline and enhance the efficiency of identity verification processes in various sectors within Thailand. This smart card reader facilitates seamless recognition of identification cards, providing a secure and reliable method for access control, authentication, and other related applications.


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