Secure EMV Card Issuance Solution
Pubtime:2018-11-15 11:38:00

The urban public transport has a great impact on the development of the city's political economy, culture, science and technology and other aspects,
 providing more efficient, convenient and safe services for the majority of one card users.It will provide governments at all levels with richer big data of trans-regional 
and trans-traffic modes,so as to put forward optimization plans for improving inter-city railway planning, regional traffic construction and road transport management.
The purpose is to help passengers achieve displacement through a variety of tools, to meet people travel traffic needs.

So we provide seven management platform modules:
Base Platform Management System , 

Report and log management system,

Customer Service Management System ,

Key Management System,

Transaction Processing and Settlement Management,

Terminal Management System 

Card Management System.

The formation of these seven modules brings us Cost effective, High security, Flexibility and High performance , it made easier to pay for urban public transport.

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