The badminton team competition of our company
Pubtime:2018-11-13 16:55:27
This year HCCTG first badminton friendly competition in the company's collective activities kicked off.For badminton enthusiasts from different departments of the company, here is a wonderful match.As the initiator of this activity, the foreign trade second group and the labor union, under the promotion of the company's leadership, all the employees make full use of their spare time to prepare for the competition. In the clear game process from beginning to end, the rules of the game are in place to fight for the fairness and justice of the competition.

The competition is divided into singles and doubles.In line with the principle of "friendship first, competition second", at 10:30 am, the match was officially kicked off with the crowd cheering, and the atmosphere was "at gunpoint".From the preliminaries to the semi-finals to the final, all the players had technical competitions.Their morale was high and they went all out.In their sweaty faces, they kept staring at the scoreboard scores.In the group singles final, although the players are exhausted, but still persistent, in the alternating rise in the score, can not help but sigh female voice.Finally, Stefan won the singles and team championship of the badminton competition and became the clear winner of the
competition.", marking the end of the competition.

The whole game, everybody cheers and laughter, passionate, shows the whole staff positive spirit of never yielding, enhance the cohesive affinity of the company, a total at the end of the game to encourage people, often should hold this kind of recreational activity, after all the various departments and individuals to plan, organize such activities, as long as you have ideas, the company will give strong support.This activity enriches the employees' spare time life, improves the enthusiasm of the employees to exercise, and increases the atmosphere of solidarity, fraternity, harmony and mutual assistance among the employees and departments.Fully shows the testing center positive, hard work, constantly progressive spirit.

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