Four days travel in Guizhou
Pubtime:2017-11-10 17:29:13
     All ethnic groups of Guizhou people is famous for passion, hospitality, they are good at singing and dancing. There have beautiful natural scenery, landscape scenery is in different poses and expressions, caves are colorful ! In mid-September of Autumn, the company's long-awaited trip has finally realized !
     First day morning, we took high speed train to Guizhou, along the way, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Arrived at destination and have a lunch break, we continued to Qingyan, where there are ancient gates, arches, Qingshi old street and temple, etc., they were left behind hundreds of years ago, our first station was from there.

        Next day, we were full of interest to the Doupotang Waterfall, which is located far from Huangguoshu Falls 1 km upstream, it is 21 meters high, 105 meters wide natural dam-type waterfalls. Looking from afar sight, everyone found that stirring waterfall is so amazing, all Surprised by everything in front, lamented the nature of the gods! Then, a pedestrian rushed to the Tianxingqiao scenic area, where the main ornamental stone, tree and water has wonderful combination. At the same time, we had honor to visit the Gao Laozhuang, a married place of Zhu Bajie in Journey to the West.
        Experienced exquisite scenery of Tianxingqiao scenic, we still fell energetic, rush to Huangguoshu Falls, this is focus of our whole trip! Enter the Huangguoshu, they heard the "rushing" sound floated from a distance, asymptotic gradually sound, waterfall pour down from the rock, sounds like thunder roar; Water vapor just like smoke floating over sky and fluttering in wind, filled entire valley.  At the moment we are completely intoxicated!
       The third day we gone to the Xijiang Miao Village, this is the only one in China, the world unparalleled thousands of Miao Village, where the Miao people gorgeous costumes, cheerful song , dance and romantic love stories all attracted us.
        The fourth day we returned after visited 3A-level tourist scenic, Kaili National Culture Park. Professional propagandist led us understand Miao colorful ethnic culture. A pleasant journey end !
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