Hiking in Da Meisha,Xiao Meisha
Pubtime:2017-02-16 22:52:13
       Walk the most beautiful path along the cliff, challenge ourselves

     There are many places are beautiful in Shenzhen's waterfront , the most suitable for hiking has two places, one is the Shenzhen Bay Beach Road, the other one is Shenzhen East Beach Road. Shenzhen Bay Beach Road is extending from the mangrove to the sea world.You can feel the terrifying waves ,you can also hear the song of the sea! You can touch the blue sky, you can kiss the sea! Beach Road is known as the world's first long "beach jade belt." and the total length is 19.5 km.

    The path along the cliff is divided into three main sections: 1. the city life shoreline section of the "China and Britain Street" coastline along the cliff path and the sea landscape hydrophilic landscape environment walking system; 2.industrial port area shoreline: "green grove" "Da Meisha West Plank Road", "Da Meisha Seashore Park", "Da Meisha East Plank Road", 3."Da Meisha Waterfront Park", "Da Meisha Waterfront Park", " "Xiao Meisha Seashore Park" and "Aberdeen Corner Plank Road" five parts.

       The Journey : Xiao Meisha Waterfront Park - Yantian Food Street section.

        From Xiao Meisha to Da Meisha, we arrived in Da Meisha to playing games, playing poker, snacking.

        Then we came along the seashore along the coast to Yantian Food Street, We ate seafood feast, fresh seafood feast.

        After that,our journey is ended.All of us felt very happy this day.

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