Security Pinpad, with Conductive Rubber Membrane Key - HCC950
2017-02-22 13:55:58


HCC 950 security pin pad delivers fully reliable and highly secure debit transaction,
connects easily with various terminals, also provides additional functions such as voice-hint module、LCD module and DES encryption module, serve as professional PIN input device for POS, banks, retail and securities markets.
Equipped with highly secure PIN shield
Support DUKPT or Master/Session key management
Comply with international security standards and payment scheme specifications
Compatible with kindred products such as IBM4778
Applicable to many operating systems: UNIX, WINDOWS, NT and OS/2,etc.
Easy-to-read LCD display
Small table-top footprint to save counter space
High-quality conductive rubber button
Support different security key entry software
Provide audio and visual key entry response
Simple user-friendly operation
Vandal resistant: self-destroyed against violence
Ÿ Can be further user-customized

Display 2-line/16 characters alphanumeric or graphical LCD display
Keypad 15 keys, ergonomically designed,
Communication interface RS232, standard keyboard,  TTL connection, 300~19,200 bps at option, 1200BPS default, asynchronous
Power supply DC 6-14V, 30mA maximum
Connector DB9 or customize
Security Software controlled DES & DUKPT key management
Reliability > 5 x 106 times input (per each key)
Working temperature 0~40℃ 
Humidity 15%~85% RH   non-condensing
Dimensions  (L*W*H) 152mm*102*93mm
Weight 350g (include wiring)
Housing Plastic PC, Ivory color

Model Description    950x1-x2-x3-x4

Type X1 Interface X2 DES/3DES Module X3 LCD Module X4 Sound Module
Pin Pad, with Conductive Rubber key
R RS232 Series port 0 No 0 No 0 No
B PS/2 1 Yes 1 Yes 1 Yes
7 8 IBM 4778 Compatible

For example
HCC950 R 111 – Conductive Rubber key Pin pad, with RS232 series interface, DES/3DES encryption module, LCD module, Sound module.     HCC950-78 – IBM 4778 Compatible

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