93Keys Cash Register ECR3000AF
Pubtime2018-09-26 14:01:52

  PLU: MAX 10240
  Table management: open table, meal set function
  Department Management:100
  Cashier Management:100
  Payment method: Cash, Cheque, Credit Card etc, six kinds of payments
  VIP price, common price and cost
  PLU management with stock management and safe stock management
  User can download the shop LOGO and print receipt
  Set information of receipt head and tail
  Powerful member management, it provides member points inquiry and points exchange
  Discount, add service charge functions
  It supports goods sale in bulk, for example: Petrol saling, Candy saling etc
  Convenient PLU search, search by code, depart and character
  Convenient to increase or Decrease PLUs, increase several products continuously
  Connect external printer
  PTD report, shortage report, PLU stock report
  Reprint receipt and copy receipt
  Support refund and refund report
  Holding bills
  Training, training data not be accounted
  Gross profit analysis
  Communication: Connect PS/2, CCD and Laser barcode scanner,serial connect to PC
  Set and revise PLUs through PC software, read sale report to do business management

Printer Head Thermal
Printing Speed Max:60mm/s
Paper Supply Method Auto paper loading
Paper Width 58mm
Operator Display 128x64 LCM
Customer Display 6 or 10 digits LED
Keyboard 93 Keys
Departments 100
Clerks 100
Interface 2RS232,1PS2
Cash Drawer 12V cash drawer
Power Supply Switch power
PLUs Max. 10240
Memory Billing Yes
Customer Management Yes
Stock Management Yes
Profit Analysis Yes
Back-up Battery Option
Dimension (W*L*H) 410 x 440 x 280 mm 
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