1D Barcode Platform - HS7120
Pubtime£º2017-02-21 16:32:27

This platform is a high performance bar code scanning platform with reading ability, high precision, speed, compatibility, etc., are widely used in retail, supermarkets, tobacco, logistics, warehousing, medical care, clothing and other fields; is currently available cost-effective products, is your best choice..
Compatible Models: LS9203¡¢LS9208¡¢MS7120¡¢Z6170¡¢Z6030¡¢Z6070¡¢
CBF7020¡¢MX6000¡¢MX6030¡¢MX7020¡¢CO5300¡¢CO5330¡¢XL7721¡¢XL7720 ect.
Super compatibility£ºWin2003/WinXP/Vista/Win7/Win8; MAC£»Android£¬IOS

Size 15.50CM*10.00CM*10.9CM(H/W/L)
Weight 317g
Colour White and black
Voltage 5.0VD± 10%
Electric current 230mA
power 1w
light source 650 nm visible laser
Scan Mode Omnidirectional 20-line, 5 directions, each direction 4 parallel line
Scanning speed 1500pcs/s
Scan Depth 0-25.00CM@13mil(100% UPC/EAN)
Rated operating range 5mil:(38%)1.0 to 5.0CM
7.8mil:(60%)0 to 18.0CM
10.4mil:(80%)0 to 22.0CM
13mil(130%)0 to 25.0CM
Low Resolution 5mil
Interface USB
Decoding capability UPC / EAN / UCC 128 / Code 128 / Code 39 / Code 93
Trioptic / China Post matrix twenty-five yards/ Interleavec 2 of 5 / Industridl 2 of5 / Matrix 2 of 5 / Code 11 / Codabar / MSI Dimensional bar code
Work temperature 0¡æ -40¡æ
Storage temperature -40¡æ to 70¡æ
Humidity  5%-95%
Light resistance Support normal indoor lighting and outdoor natural light conditions
With fluorescent, incandescent, mercury vapor lights and sodium vapor lighting:
450Ft Candles (4,844 Lux), Daylight: 8000Ft
Candles (86,111 Lux)
Laser Safety CDRH lla& IEC 60825 1

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