Contactless Small Module ACM1281S1-Z8
Pubtime2018-10-09 17:56:35

With its small size, the ACM1281S1-Z8 Contactless Small Module can easily be installed in any standard-sized single-gang electrical switchbox without the hassle of drilling wall holes or reconstructing building circuitry. This entails a very simple and quick installation of a powerful contactless module that is ideal for a broad range of applications, especially physical access control and time and attendance.
With a mere wave of a contactless card, one can enable the ACM1281S1-Z8 to give off prompt read or write signals through its self-contained LED/buzzer, and at a blink of an eye, the relay is triggered to open the door for an authorized person attempting physical access.



  1. Compact size (70 mm x 45.3 mm)
  2. Serial RS232 interface
  3. Read and write functionality
  4. Built-in antenna for contactless tag access, with card reading distance of up to 50mm
  5. Supports major contactless smart cards conforming to ISO 14443 Type A in the market
  6. Supports Mifare cards, including new Mifare Ultralight C and Mifare Plus SL1
  7. Built-in anti-collision feature (at least 1 card is detected when multiple cards are presented)
  8. Selective card polling capability (especially useful when multiple cards are presented)
  9. Easy-to-install for standard single-gang electrical switchbox
  10. Operation LED
  11. Buzzer
  12. Relay



Dimensions 70 mm (L) x 45.3 mm (W)
Interface RS-232 (Serial)
Operating Distance <= 50 mm
Supply Voltage Regulated 5V DC
Supply Current Approx. 40mA for standby mode; approx. 200
mA for mode with contactless function on
Operating Temperature 0-50°C
Operating Frequency 13.56MHz
CLK Frequency 3.58MHz
Compliance/Certifications RoHS Compliant
Operating System Support Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win Server 2003, Win Server 2008 , Win Server 2008 R2, Win Server 2012 , Win Server 2012 R2,Linux


  1. Time and attendance
  2. Physical access control
  3. Logical access control
  4. Public transportation terminals
  5. Vending machines
  6. Automatic fare collection
  7. Metering


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