66Keys POS Keyboard KB66M
2018-09-25 15:43:40

1. 66 keys fully programmable keyboard, each key can be programmed with 255 characters
2. Membrane key: lifetimes>10,000,000 times, tactile feeling and long life time
3. Waterproof and dustproof
4. Wide key caps, more convenient for operation: 1.5 times keys, 1.5 x2 key caps, numeric key caps
5. Laser-engraved or UV-silk printed symbols on numerical keycaps, clear and wear proof
6. Strong internal steel plate fixing the keys, effective against ESD
7. Special designed cable, uneasy to break off and static-free
8. Special E2PROM and static-free design, avoid data losing
9. Every key can be set by the software. Multi-level, time delay and special function programming are available 
10. Support Win9X / 2000 /Me/NT/XP etc
11. Key lock can be set as will, to get a better management and control.

Type Membrane keys
Magnetic Card Reader
Support ISO7812, IBM, AAMVA, JIS – 2 standards and so on
Manual swipe mode, swiping speed: 10~100cm/sec
Head life >500,000times
Record density Track 1: 210BPI  76 characters
Track 2: 75BPI   37 characters
       210BPI  107 characters
Track 3: 210BPI  107 characters
The suffix and prefix of the data and the separator can be set by the software
Tracks available Single track: Track 1, Track 2 or Track 3
Double track: Track 1/2 or Track 2/3
Three track: Track1/2/3
Interface PS/2, USB
Working Voltage PS/2 +5V/DC±10%
USB +5V/DC±5%
Working Current <100mA
Environmental Storage temperature -40℃-60℃
Working temperature 0℃-50℃
Work humidity 20%-90%
Dimension Lx Wx H (mm) 350x163x42.5
Weight Membrane key 1.04kg


Item No. Configurations Interface
KB66 1. 66 keys programmable keyboard;                       
2. High quality membrane keys    
KB66K: PS/2 interface
KB66U: USB interface

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