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1D&2D Handheld Android Barcode Scanner Gun

1D&2D Handheld Android Barcode Scanner Gun

Quickly and accurately identify 1D code and 2D code

Green low power consumption

Rich application scenarios

Ergonomic design

Stable, precise, convenient, practical, and efficient

Compatible with multiple systems

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2D Scanner Bar Code Reader

The HS-6603 is also a high-performance scanner that can easily read all kinds of 1D barcodes and read 2D qr barcodes at high speed.The HS-6603 has a very high scan rate for linear barcodes. For paper barcodes and barcodes on the display, the HS-6603 can also be easily scanned for a variety of scanning applications.

The HS-6603 is built to meet the most demanding scanning requirements, providing consistent scanning performance in a completely dark environment, as well as over an extended temperature range.The HS-6603 is based on solid state technology that meets the most stringent standards for exposure, as well as shock and vibration.


Performance parameter

Image Sensor



648*488 CMOS


White light led

Reading code system


PDF417,QR Code,Data Matrix


Code128,EAN-8,EAN-13,UPC-E,UPC-A,Interleaved 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, Industrial 25,Code 39, Codabar,Code 93,                 Code 11,MSI-Plessey,GS1-DataBar        

Reading accuracy


Bar code sensitivity


±65°@ 0°Roll and 0° Skew


±360°@ 0°Pitch and 0° Skew


±60°@ 0°Roll and 0° Pitch

Data interface

Usb hid-kbw interface, usb virtual serial port, usb hid-pos interface, rs-232 interface

Field of view

28° horizontal and 21.5° vertical

Typical reading depth of field

Code 39

5mil     6-8cm

15mil    4-15cm

Physical parameter

Size (length * width * height)

158*67*113.2mm (Figure )


190g (including USB cable)

Prompt mode

Buzzer, led indicator


Working current


stand-by current


Environmental parameters

Operating temperature

-20℃~+50℃ (-4°F~122°F)

storage temperature

-40℃~+70℃ (-40°F~176°F)

Relative humidity

5%~95% (no condensation)

Accessories list

Data line

USB cable (2m)

Accessories list

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