HCCTG Resumes Work
Pubtime:2020-02-26 14:20:17
Dear customers:
Affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the start time of our company after the Spring Festival holiday was forced to be postponed. Therefore, we sincerely apologize for the delay in delivery and service of your goods!
Our company resumed normal work on February 17th. At the same time, we will formulate a corresponding work plan to ensure that our cooperation will proceed as scheduled. We will inform the progress of the previously delayed goods in time, and we are doing our best to speed up the progress.
Our long-term cooperation based on mutual trust is not only the friendship between our enterprises, but also the basis of economic intercourse between the two countries. The epidemic will pass, and it cannot and will not affect our long-term cooperation.

                        (WHO officially announces no risks from packages from China)

China is fully confident in and capable of winning the battle against the epidemic.

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