Self-service Kiosk HKS10-H
Pubtime:2019-08-12 09:24:35
Self-service Kiosk HKS10-H



HKS10-H self-service Kiosk is a kind of computer terminal with specialized hardware and software that provides access to communications, business, entertainment, or educational information. It is designed to store information and offer prints, payment, product sale, and public service.
This product combines the latest capacitive touch-screen display, thermal printing, payment processing, and enclosure design. The screen is designed with sensitive capacitive touch, allowing customers to freely tap the screen. Advanced QR code scanner is an indispensable part of the machine along with the design of NFC, showing it always follows the trend and provides more convenience for those who prefer to pay online. As for the details, the product features a detailed-oriented design. With a switch lock, it is easier for users to change the paper inside. The body of the Kiosk adopts mild steel to ensure the product cover has great hardness and high strength. Our product is designed with a 21.5-inch FHD screen, presenting a wide angle of view and showing a bigger, clearer, and more vivid image to consumers. Also, it is designed with real-time advertising interaction, which can attract people's eyes to a certain extent. The product has a built-in thermal graphic printer which has a printing speed of 150mm/s and a printer life of over 50km, ensuring the high printing speed of the product and saving the waiting time.
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