Portable smart bluetooth scale HM5000
Pubtime:2019-07-08 14:56:05

The HM5000 is easy to carry, has a large weight range, and transmits data via Bluetooth. It can be widely used in various application scenarios (such as couriers/supermarkets/families). This product provides a Bluetooth protocol interface, which can be connected to a customer database with a Bluetooth device such as a PDA (Barcode Terminal).
HM5000 has excellent industrial design and strict manufacturing process, and it is tested by dustproof, front waterproof IP42 grade to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment. Leading algorithms give the XM5000 the advantage of lower power consumption, faster and more accurate.

Ø Small size, easy to carry;
Ø Automatically accumulate after the weight is stable;
Ø Battery voltage detection;
Ø Smart wake up (press the zero button);
Ø Bluetooth 5.0 broadcast communication, docking PDA;
Ø Voice broadcast (weight and zero);
Ø Energy saving mode (180 seconds did not enter weighing mode);
Ø Auto power off (10 minutes without entering weighing mode);
Ø White OLED dot matrix liquid crystal display with backlight

Maximum weighing 100kg
Sense 0.1kg
Linearity error 3‰ (three thousandths)
Relative working temperature ≤85%RH
Color   Blue Black (RAL 7043)
Display OLED white (0.96inch)
Voice broadcast Support voice weight information broadcast
Communication method
Power supply 2000mAh
Standby power consumption ≤5mA
Weighing power consumption ≤45mA
Working environment 0°C~40°C (32°F~ 104°F)
Expanded size Diameter 540mm, height 50mm
Closed size length 303mm*width66mm*height 50mm 

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