BUS Validator P20 / P21
Pubtime:2019-03-22 16:24:34

The  bus valiadator P21 is similar to P20, New design version of a product on the market, beautiful appearance, There two system support android and Linux.
But the P20 has a larger screen than the P21
, Choose according to your preference.


Ø Support wireless communication, remote connect to server management software to realize real time time-revision, black-list downloading and data collection etc.
Ø Support data real time uploading or USB local data collection.
Ø Support live voice prompts, supports 15 kinds of voice prompts: such as "student card", "employee card".
Ø Support consumption details and statistics query, according to card No., time, operator No., etc.

P20 smart bus validator can support RFID card, with GPS positioning module, support GPRS, WIFI wireless communication etc. Can be used for electronic payment or card validation in following field:
Ø Public transport fare collection
Ø Scenic spots/amusement park card payment
Ø Balance inquiry
Ø Employee shuttle bus card validation
Ø Safety school bus system

The following is a detailed comparison of the parameters:



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