Island tour--Wai Ling Ding Island, Zhuhai
Pubtime2018-08-25 09:44:12
Wai Ling Ding Island is located in the southeast of Xiangzhou, Zhuhai. It is 27.5 nautical miles from Zhuhai City in the west and 35 nautical miles from Shenzhen in the north. It is an indispensable place for the Pearl River Delta to enter and exit the South Pacific International Route and has an important strategic position. Wailu Island is unique in the star-studded Wanshan Islands. The island is not big and beautiful, the mountains are not high and the mountains are beautiful, especially the water is clear.

We took a boat from Shekou Port and made waves in the waves. After about an hour, we arrived at the destination.

The flat, wide beaches and the endless number of bizarre rocks start to experience the wonderful journey here!


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