New Product£ºEpassport Reader-PPR100
Pubtime£º2018-05-15 16:56:57
PPR100 is our latest release of a light and beautiful electronic document reading equipment, equipped with high-definition 3 million pixel imaging system, using OCR technology and RFID technology to identify and read a variety of identity documents. It can read documents such as e-passports, visas, Hong Kong and Macau Passes, Home Return Certificates, and Taiwanese Passes that meet the ICAO ICAO DOC 9303 standards. This product has the following distinctive features:
1. Support the compliance of ICAO9093 standard Part1-4 specification documents and efficient OCR recognition capabilities;
2, high-speed RFID reader, read and write speed <3s (depending on the card);
3, a variety of light sources ------ visible light, infrared light, ultraviolet light, a variety of light source image acquisition, easy to identify the authenticity of a variety of licenses;
4, support documents automatically trigger, simple and convenient operation.

The introduction of this product will be the best choice for border inspection stations, customs, airports, immigration authorities, travel agencies, hotel registration, duty-free shops and other places for e-passports, various documents for rapid information and image reading applications one.
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