New Product£ºAndroid Pos HCC-Z91
Pubtime£º2018-04-17 16:13:41
Z91 Android airtime POS with printer machine, android 5.1 operating system, 5.5 inch screen touch, super long standby battery capacity is 2800 mah, thermal paper printing, 5 million pixels camera(option), 2 g / 3 g / 4g /wifi, bluetooth communication, this fine workmanship and top quality machine is the best choice in the market.

1. Android 5.1 operating system: adopt the open android system, can let the user a simple and efficient development of the upper application, serviceable range : apply chain supermarkets, restaurants, Parking system,
2. Prepaid airtime top up, convenience stores, clothing store, premises, bakery, cashier, pay, enters sells saves     the business management function.

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