New Product£ºAndroid Pos HCC-Z100
Pubtime£º2017-08-15 14:02:22
Android Pos HCC-Z100
Z100 in addition to support the Z90 has three cards (magnetic card + smart card + NFC) and print capabilities, but also provides the following richer optional function modules:
1,2D scan module (Honeywell N6603 bar code engine)
2, fingerprint module (using Authentec 508DPI, Crossmatch FBI certified, STQC certified)
3, set aside the tax control module space and interface (to facilitate customers based on Z100 development tax POS products)
4, rear 500MP, front 200MP camera
5, dual SIM card design, and provides two PSAM modules;
6, the master using Quad-Core 1.35GHZ, standard 1G RAM LPDDR3 +8 GB ROM EMMC, and optional to 2G + 16G for optional, to provide more robust performance, which allows users to carry more applications;
7, with 2,600mAH large capacity battery, you can support 7 days standby, 8 hours of continuous work.

The release of Z100 full-featured intelligent POS will provide us better product selection and more comprehensive program on financial, telecommunications, government, commercial retail, insurance, logistics, high-speed, parking fees, a variety of prepaid membership applications and so on.
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