New Product Released
Pubtime:2017-02-16 22:42:26

         This platform is a high performance bar code scanning platform with reading ability, high precision, speed, compatibility, etc., are widely used in retail, supermarkets, tobacco, logistics, warehousing, medical care, clothing and other fields; is currently available cost-effective products, is your best choice..

         Compatible with the mainstream operating system: Win2003 / WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8, Apple MAC; Android, IOS (phone side need to buy another power line).


1. Powerful 32-bit quad-core CPU: computing speed, decoding ability, can easily solve all one-dimensional bar code at home and abroad.
2. High-speed reading: reading speed of 1500 times / sec, the real explosive.
3. Long depth of field: 0 - 30CM within easy decoding, to meet your needs.
4. Higher precision: the minimum decoding accuracy of 5mil.
360-degree omni-directional scan: 20 laser lines, 5 directions, omnidirectional scanning.
5. High integration: a new generation of programming technology, hardware, CPU direct decoding, higher integration, less failure rate.
6. Set up simple: Plug and play, no need to set, advanced user settings only need three completed.
7.USB-free drive: plug and play, windows comes with drivers, users do not need to install the driver.
8. Automatic identification of anti-white bar code: no need to set, automatic identification.
9. Military-class quality assurance: every part, are strict inspection experience; each product has to undergo a rigorous testing to ensure that 100% qualified products.
10. Aging test: each product has been at room temperature, high temperature aging test; and after a real machine on the test, before they can leave the factory.
11. Bit error rate test: the product has passed 30 million times without error test.
12. Mute motor: Taiwan's precision motor, and after a fine balancing test to ensure that the industry's most mute products.
13. Independent intellectual property rights: our products from the appearance, hardware, software, all for independent intellectual property rights, access to the appearance of patents, utility patents, invention patents, software copyright protection.

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