Customer Display - LCD2200
Pubtime2017-02-22 14:50:29

LCD display mode
Support display of Chinese, English, numbers
40 characters (20x2 lines)
Optional height: 17cm, 17+12mm, 17+12+12cm
Adjustable angles from 8 to 35 degrees
Low-cost industrial design with high lightness
High quality components, reliable and stable

Model LCD2200
Interface RS-232C
Power DC 5V
Display LCD
Characters 40characters (20x2lines)
Characters Type 96 ASCII
Font English:12x24 Chinese: 24x24
Environment Condition Operate TEMP: -10 ~ 55
Storage TEMP: -20 ~ 65
Humidity: 30%-85%
Size Display panel 225(w) x 92(H) x 62(D)mm
Support height 171mm, 171+120mm, 171+120+120mm
Base size 225(L) x 85(W) x 75(H) mm
Weight 1.0kg

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