E-Payment Pinpad - HCC890
2017-02-22 13:52:33

HCC890 is a multifunction Pinpad which perfectly combine the magnetic card reading, IC card / SAM card reading & writing, contactless card reader/writer and also customer personal information & password entry.
HCC890 has compact and refined appearance to save counter space, ergonomically design and user-friendly for operation, reliable performance and flexible application to ensure highly secure service. It is much suitable for bank network, insurance, medical treatment, tariff and POS system.
15 key include general number input 0-9, ENTER , CANCEL and 3 other functional keys;
LCD graphic display and beep indication
With internal DES module (3DES module available), realize data transfer and authentication under encryption
Encryption support DUKPT & Master/Session Key, compatible with
ANSI X9.24
PC/SC, T=0 and T=1 compatible
Self-destroyed against violation
Provide DEMO drive program and tools for further development in Windows.

LCD graphic display 128×64 dots, display 16×2 characters at optional
Keypad 15 key, include 10 numeric key 0-9, ENTER , CANCEL and 3 function key
Magnetic reader Bi-directional reading track 1/2/3 of magnetic card complied with ISO-7811/7816 ( Dual magnetic head design at optional)
IC card reader/writer IC card wedge, also read memory card & CPU card, internal 1-3 SAM card wedge available at option.
Contactless card reader/writer ISO 14443 Type A protocol
Keypad encryption DES/3DES & DUKPT
Communication Interface Standard RS232 interface or USB interface available at option
Power supply RS232 interface: P4 power connector supply DC+12V,
 (AC 90 ~ 250V)
USB interface:USB interface supply DC+12V, or fetch power from USB directly;
Dimension 180×110×70mm
Weight 600g
Working environment -10℃-60℃, 20﹪-98﹪ RH, noncondensing

Model Description:

Type X1 Interface X2 LCD X3 Magnetic Tracks X4 IC/PSAM X5 Contactless card
E-Payment Pinpad
R RS232 Series port S  16*2
4 1&2 tracks 0 NO 0 NO
U USB L 128*64
5 2&3 tracks 1 Smart Card 1 Yes
    6 1&2&3 tracks 2 Smart Card and  SAM    

For example
HCC890 R S420 – Pin Pad, with RS232 series interface, 16*2 characters LCD, 1/2 magnetic strips reader, smart card reader, SAM module.

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