2inch POS Printer HCC-POS58IV
Pubtime2017-02-21 17:10:41

Big gear wheel, big dynamo, jumbo roll tissue, using for long time
2 years Warranty Time for printer head
No malfunction for practicing 60 kilometers
High speed for printing
Open the cover of paper automatically, easy to operate
In favor of varies connectors and ways for install
Saving working time

Printing method
Thermal line Printing
Resolution 8dot/mm(230DPI),384dot/line
Effective printing width 48mm
Printing speed 70mm/s
Preferences By soft
Character set ASCII GB2312-80
Print font ANK:9*17/12*24
Figure Support to print of different dot density map and Bottoms graphics
Lacking paper support
Protect for too hot Support
Black label Support
Alarm Alarm buzzer Support
Serial DB-25 core Socket(hole),EPSON
Parallel DB-25 core Socket (pin point)
Cash box DC12V/24V,1A,RJ-11 Socket of six line
Power supply DC Power AC100 ~240V ± 10%(including)DC 12V,2A
Reliability  Using time of printing head 100km
paper of printer Paper Type Thermal paper
Paper Width 57.5± 0.5mm
Paper Depth 0.060.07mm
Roll Core Inner Diameter 83mmOD/13mmID
Drop-in way Simple
Paper-cutting Manual cutter way
  Physical Characteristic
Working humidity 050/1080 (Relative humidity.)
Store Humidity -2060/1090 (Relative humidity)
Size 200*138*120mm(W*L*H)  
Color Black, Beige.  
Weight 1000g  
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