95 Keys POS Programmable Keyboard -KB95
Pubtime2017-11-14 17:33:40

Ÿ 95 fully programmable keys
Ÿ Keyboards are backed up by thick metal frame
Ÿ Different keycaps (1 /2 /4 fold) are available
Ÿ Keys lifetime> 50 Million times
Ÿ Mag-stripe reader(MSR) and IC chip card reader module at optional
Ÿ E2 PROM and anti-static function and save set data
Ÿ Provides multi-level and postpone programming
Ÿ Support DOS, Windows9X/2000/ME/NT/XP
Ÿ Support to set electronic key per request
Ÿ Interface: PS/2
Ÿ Working power: +5V/DC+/-5%
Ÿ Working current: <300mA
Ÿ Size: 283 x188x50(mm)
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