Mechanical keyboard HGK-87
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1. key features:
2. USB interface to any 21 keys conflict-free, external ps / 2 interface keypad red;
3. lock game“win” key functions (to prevent accidental usage of win key to return to the interface); Powerful multimedia control functions;
4. The size of the volume and mute, my computer, browser, calculator, music player, etc. (with Fn multimedia function key combination to achieve)black and white(the purchase will immediately thereafter be available by the “white”), one-year warranty service, other accessories, such as: PS2 adapter x1, Version pull key device x1, WASD to up and down arrow keys the ESC and transparent F12 keycap 10, spacebar dragon boat + Peas set, etc.;
5. Whether it is from the external mold is fine and delicate work performance, or from the internal
6. advanced materials and process performance, which will no doubt be a product has an absolute.
1. Better price¡¢fine workmanship¡¢first choice for beginner.
2. For the first time, the mechanical keyboard chooses the top double-layer fiberglass circuit board raw material, trimming neatly without burr; clean back board; wave soldering of SMD electronic components to ensure full solder joint without Weld, effective in preventing buttons no response; equip with magnetic ring for anti-jamming, USB interface with gold-plated treatment (enhanced keyboard response speed); non-slip design for keyboard bracket.
Number of key the standard 87 keys
key distance 5mm (Cap margin)
20mm (keycap center distance)
total key, the key way 4mm
the keycap types ABS materials, laser engraving technology
key features Cherry MX gold contact switch – Black Switches¡¢ Blue Switches¡¢Brown Switches¡¢Red Switches
Driver Windows 98 (SE) Me/2000 / XP / Vista / 7 system, USB Plug and Play

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