66 Keys POS Programmable Keyboard - KB66
Pubtime2017-02-21 16:55:50


Membrane key: lifetimes>10,000,000 times, tactile feeling and long life time
Magnetic Card Reader
Support ISO7812, IBM, AAMVA, JIS – 2 standards and so on
Manual swipe mode, swiping speed: 10~100cm/sec
Head life >500,000times
Record density Track 1: 210BPI  76 characters
Track 2: 75BPI   37 characters
       210BPI  107 characters
Track 3: 210BPI  107 characters
The suffix and prefix of the data and the separator can be set by the software
Tracks available Single track: Track 1Track 2 or Track 3
Double track: Track 1/2 or Track 2/3
Three track: Track1/2/3
Interface PS/2, USB
Working Voltage PS/2 +5V/DC±10%
USB +5V/DC±5%
Working Current <100mA
Environmental Storage temperature -40-60
Working temperature 0-50
Work humidity 20%-90%
Dimension Lx Wx H (mm) 350x163x42.5
Weight Mechanical 0.99kg
Membrane key 1.04kg

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