Megnetic dual lens Document Camera -HCS1000
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The HCS1000 5-Megnetic dual lens Document Camera is the ideal tool for presentations, image capturing and video recording. With this document camera£¬you can capture real-time images of 3D objects (up to A4 in size), magazines, booking documents, pictures and business cards, and using a computer present through a projector or a monitor. Take image snapshots including QScanner software can be to print, and upload from websites or import image files can be used in other common applications. Along with all these great features, the QScanner software not only let you capture images, it also provides you with a video and audio recording feature, so you can record demonstrations in advance and then share in presentations or through printing.
With a shooting are of A4 and the included  QScanner software capture images or video recording of documents, pictures or 3D objects at various resolutions, up to 2592*1944 and 640*480. Also enjoy the added Optical Character Recognition(OCR) function that extracts text form images, so you can easily share without having to retype.
Sharing your captured images or video recording couldn’t be easier! Print out your files directly from QScanner software or simply upload the saved files to your favorite website for instant share.
Ÿ Image capture. Capture images of 3D objects, documents, books, magazines and demonstrations and save in various image file formats.
Ÿ Optical character recognition (OCR). It function to extract text form captured images of documents, books, magazines and other items containing text, OCR eliminated retyping.
Ÿ Digital filing. Save your captured imaged in various files formats, BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIF, J2K, JPC, RAS, and TGA. You can also export the capture images to a PDF file or directly to Word software after OCR.
Ÿ Print. Easily and quickly print captured images in various pictures layouts by QScanner.
Ÿ Visual presenter. Connect a projector or monitor to your computer and the QScanner software offers you real-time projecting capabilities.
Ÿ Dual screen display. Dual camera screen display for specify use. e.g. lively presentation to display speaker screen and demonstration object screen; capture certified person faces and their ID card for verification.
Ÿ Video recording. Record audio and video demonstrations using HCS1000 Document Carema and QScanner video recording options.
Sensor parameters 2 Mega Pixels CMOS and 300k pixels CMOS active pixels digital image sensor
Optical format 1/2.5 inch
Active pixels max 2592H*1944V/640H*480V
Shooting area Max. A 4 (210mm*297mm)
Frame rate Max.30 fps
Light source Natural light or LED lights
Scanning type Capture
AGC/AEC/White balance Auto
Focus mode Fix/manual (deputy camera)
View angle 80°
SNR 38.1db
Dynamic range 70.1db
Operating temperature -30~70¡æ
Lens 3G+29+1R
Lens F number F/NO 2.0
Flange back length (FB) 2.67mm
Back focal length (BFL) 3.96mm
Focal length (EFL) F=3.74mm
Power supply USB 5V power with computer
Communication interface USB2.0 with UVC
Power consumption 150mW at maximum data rate 3.3V
Power consumption current at 30 fps <15mA
Suspend current <5mA
Image resolution 2592*1944
Output format YUY2
Image format BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIF, J2K, JP2, JPC, RAS, TGA
Video format AVI, WMA
Product height 29cm
Ÿ Education: use for lectures and presentations.
Ÿ Medical: use to archive health records digitally.
Ÿ Government: use to archive documents or IDs digitally.
Ÿ Legal: use to archive legal documents digitally and to present evidence in court.
Ÿ Financial instructions: use to archive financial documents, checks deposit slipsand those like digitally.
Ÿ Enterprise: use for presentations, communication and to archive important documents.
Ÿ Elderly and visually impaired community: use for enlarge documents or books and display on the monitor or projector.
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