MICR & MSR Check Reader - HCC1250
Pubtimeú║2017-02-21 16:48:08

HCC1250 MICR check reader can read check or other bill with magnetic ink characters automaticallyúČand can read magnetic card with manual swipe. It is widely used in all kinds of financial transaction and information checking area, such as banking, retailing, market, hotel, etc.

MICR standard ISO1004 standard E13B, CMC7
MSR standard ISO/IBM format, dual tracks or triple tracks
Reading indication Green/red status LED for right/error reading
Multi interface RS232, IBM PC/AT/XT, USB (HID or Virtual COM)
2400/4800/9600/19200 bps at option under RS232 interface
Feeding speed 250mm/sec (╩┐30mm/sec)
Reading speed 1.2sec/sheet (with 157mm sheet length)
Power supply DC+12 V
Head lifetime 500,000 cycles
Recognition accurate rate 98% for E13B&CMC7 &MSR
Model Description
Type X1 Interface X2 Magnetic Module
R RS232 Series port 0 No
K PS/2 M 1&2&3 tracks
UV Virtual COM    
For example
HCC1250 R M – MICR, with serial port and magnetic strip reader.
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