Magnetic Stripe and IC Card Combo Reader - HCC100
Pubtime2017-02-21 15:27:45

Contact IC card reader through the contact son the IC card reading and writing cards, is the most common reader. Widely used in industry and commerce,tele-communications,taxation,banking,insurance,healthcareand avariety of charges, stored value, query management system. The reader is programmable so that the data for mat and intelligent interface output canbe programmed &configured to match application and communication requirements.
1. Can read & write avariety of memory card and supports T=0andT=1 communication protocol CPU card
2. Support the function of the SAM card operation
3. Use USB to communication with PC
4. Provide many development platform interface function and application example

IC Card Supported AT24C01A/24C02/24C04/24C08/24C16/AT24C64SLE4432/4442SLE4418/4428
Communications USB2.0,reallyPlugandPlay
Maximum power consumption 100mW
Temperature Commercial-grade:-20°∼60°C
Humidity 90%non-condensing
Anti-static interference 15KV
Magnetic interference resistance 19Oersted
Vibration resistance Amplitude  0.35mm,Frequency10-55Hz,Three
Axis directions sweep vibration
Insulation Resistance Hot and humid circumstances(40  °
95%)Insulation resistance should not be lessthan5MΩ
Dimensions 100mm(L)×34mm(W)×30mm(H)
Weight 85g
IC card
Reference Standards ISO-7816ClassA,BandC
Operating Life approx.500,000passes
Card thickness About0.75mm

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