EM Card Reader RD930
Pubtime£º2017-11-02 15:32:19

EM Card Reader RD930
RD930 EM reader is a cost effective, high speed, multi-standard and multi-application USB contactless reader. The reader can supports 125K EM4100 contactless cards and 125K EM4100 Compatible card.
1.USB keyboard emulator, Plug and Play
2.Integrated antenna, LED and Beep
3.Working current less than 50mA & 5.0V
5.Operating distance£ºUp to 100mm,depending on tag
6.Output£º10 bits Dec. UID card ID, and with “Enter”
7.Product color :black or white
8.Storage temperature£º-20¡æ¡«85¡æ
9.Operating temperature:-10¡æ~+70¡æ
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