Fingerprint Attendance TX-628
Pubtime2018-09-26 17:54:42

TX628 adopt the Linux operating system, have stable and reliable function, support T9 input method. Delicate design suits for human body engineering principle. New mould technology, break through the traditional style; blend in the current popular design elements.


User Capacity 1500
Transaction Storage 50,000
Sensor Sensor
Algorithm version Finger VX9.0
Identification time =1S
FAR <=0.0001%
FRR <=0.01%
Operating system Linux
Communications RS232, RS485,TCP/IP, USB
LCD 128X64 white background light
LED Red, Green
Operating Temperature 0- 45
Operating Humidity 20% - 80%
Power Supply DC5V 2A
Language English
Dimension 190*140*57
Optional ID, Mifare


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