Fingerprint Collection Device HCFP-060
Pubtime:2019-01-08 15:19:55

HCFP-060 Fingerprint acquisition instrument is made by Shenzhen HCC Technology Co., Ltd .With high speed DSP processor as the core, combined with optical fingerprint sensor which the company owns the independent intellectual property rights, it has great Intellectual functions, like fingerprints input, image processing, fingerprints matching, searching and storing templates and so on. Fingerprint lock and locker suite series.

Electrical parameter
Supply voltage 5V (typical value), range: 4.2V-7.0V
Supply current 100mA(typical value),Peak current: 120mA
Fingerprint image edit time <0.5 second
Operating Temperature Range -30℃ - +70℃
Storage Temperature Range -40℃ - +80℃
Operating humidity Range 20% - 90%
Storage Humidity Range 16% - 95%
Performance parameter
Acquisition window size 20.4MM*33.4MM
Effective image size 12MM*15MM
Image size 256*288pixel
Image pixel 500DPI
Matching mode Search mode(1:N)
Fingerprint features 512 bytes (Valid data is 256 bytes)
Fingerprint template 512 bytes  (Valid data is 512 bytes)
Storage capacity 1000 pieces
Security level Five levelfrom low to high:1/2/3/4/5
FAR <0.001% (Security level is 3)
FRR <0.005% (Security level is 3)
Search time <1.0 second(1:1000,average)
Communication interface UART (TTL logic level) or USB 1.1/2.0
Universal Asynchronous Receiver/transmitter(UART) (9600*N) bps,N=1—12(Factory Default N=6, then 57600bps)



  1. Financial teller fingerprint authentication system
  2. Bank vault fingerprint authentication system
  3. Vehicle scheduling fingerprint authentication system
  4. The public security police fingerprint identification system
  5. The examinee fingerprint authentication system
  6. Driving school fingerprint management system
  7. Medical fingerprint management system of social security
  8. OA office fingerprint authentication system
  9. Network fingerprint authentication system


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