UART Fingerprint Reader HCFP-050
Pubtime£º2018-09-26 17:50:04

HCFP - 050 fingerprint readers refers to the technology introduced, with high speed DSP processor as the core, combined with optical fingerprint sensor with company independent intellectual property rights, a fingerprint input, image processing, fingerprints, search and store templates, and other functions of intelligent fingerprint readers.

Electrical parameter
Supply voltage 5V (typical value), range: 4.2V - 7.0V
Supply current 60mA(typical value),  Peak current: 80mA
Fingerprint image edit time <0.5 second
Operating Temperature Range -30¡æ - +70¡æ
Storage Temperature Range -40¡æ - +80¡æ
Operating humidity Range 20% - 90%
Storage Humidity Range 16% - 95%
Performance parameter
Acquisition window size 21MM*24MM
Effective image size 17MM*19.3MM
Image size 256*288pixel
Image pixel 500DPI
Matching mode Search mode£¨1:N£©
Fingerprint features 512 bytes (Valid data is 256 bytes)
Fingerprint template 512 bytes  (Valid data is 512 bytes)
Storage capacity 200 pieces
Security level Five level£¨from low to high: 1¡¢2¡¢3¡¢4¡¢5£©
FAR <0.001%  (Security level is 3)
FRR <0.005%  (Security level is 3)
Search time <1.0 second (1:1000, average)
Communication interface UART£¨TTL logic level£©or USB1.1/2.0
Universal Asynchronous Receiver/transmitter£¨UART£© (9600*N£©bps,N=1—12(Factory Default N=6£¬then 57600bps)
Special function The self-learning function of the finger print



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