QR Code Access card Reader HM20
Pubtime:2019-06-26 16:58:55

QR Code Access card Reader is our new intelligent Access Card Reader, Fast reading speed, High recognition rate, Strong compatibility, can connect to any Wiegand input contronller, widely Community visitor access management, Administration Service Hall management, Gates access control, Visitors intelligent machines, Smart home; Upgrade old access control systems etc.

Card type EM or Mifare
Code Type QR Code, 1D
Interface Wiegand26/34, RS232,USB,RS485,TTL
Decode mode Immage decoding
Reading directions Camera centric slant 45°
Reading feature Auto-induction & beeper
Voltages 4-12V Wide voltage input
Current 800mA
Reading range of range 3-6CM
Reading speed <200ms
Reading range of QR 0-20CM
Materialcase PC & temperrd glass
Humidity 10%~90%
Temperature -20℃~70℃
Operate system Windows(XP,7,8,10), Linux
Size 86mm×86mm×42mm
Status light Red-work,Green-feedback,Light Green-internet
Wight 150G
Remark Use sharp objects inserted into RESET hole of QR code reader backside, release till the QR code reader automatically restarted.
HM20-ID  QR 2D Barcode + EM (125KHZ) UID
HM20-IC  QR 2D Barcode + Mifare (13.56MHZ) UID 

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