Mini 1D Scanner HM4
Pubtime£º2018-09-26 16:17:37

HM4 can easily aim the bar code to be scanned and complete the data transmission only by pressing one button, which makes it the best selection for applications in menu scanning, retail cash register, document processing and inventory control. This entry-level laser scanning solution is also ideal for institutions with less bar code scanning workload.
1£®Independent fashion appearance, ergonomic design, comfortable operation;
2£®Multi communication interfaces, standard USB cable, plug and work;
3£®Fast laser scanning, decoding speed can reach 120 times / sec;
4£®Personalized and customized LOGO, enhance user’s brand image.

Buzzer Five pitches or silent
Size 165mm*55mm*35mm(L*W*H)
Indicator Light Blue=power on,ready to scan; Blue OFF=successful decoding
Weight 170g(without cable)
Scanning Speed 120 times/sec
Trigger Mode Start by pressing the button or trigger, with automatic continuous reading
System Interface USB2.0 supports HID and SPP protocol; keyboard port; RS232 serial port
Working Mode Manual / Light/Two working modes
Maximum Density 5mil
Depth of Field 0-800mm(standard printing bar codes
Corner/Bevel/Deflection 80/80/80
Decoding Types Code4,Code11,Code39,Code39 Full ASCII, Code39 Tri0pic,Code93,
Code93,Full ASCII, Code128, Code128 Full ASCII,UPC/JAN/UPC/EAN128
And China post codes, etc
Drop Resistance It’s can withstand free fall from 1.2m height for multiple times
Packaging Dimension 180mm*130mm*45mm(L*W*H)
Packaging Weight 845g


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