GPS BUS Station Announcer HCLMY06
Pubtime2018-09-26 15:07:03

High display quality: 3.0 TFT LCD Monitor, active content and clear character
Easy data update: data copy through connecting USB port to PC, also support SD Card update
Large storage capacity: support 128MB to 2GB device memory and external 2G SD Card storage
Convenient Extension and upgrade: reserved module ports for RF Management instrument and GPRS dispatch terminal
Good sound quality:sound code in WAV Format without destroyed, TI High-fidelity analog amplifier, both treble and bass are very excellent
Technical Specification

Power Supply: DC 8-40V
Static Current 100mA(12V) /50mA(24V)
Max Current 500mA(12V)/250mA(24V)
External Loudspeaker impedance 4 Ohm or 8 Ohm
udio Channel 2
Output Power 35W(12V)
Adjustable Volume both inner and outer loudspeaker are adjustable
Volume adjustable degree 64degree.
Audio Data Storage 128M-2G
Audio Format WAV
Dimension 1. 162mm*106mm*35mm
Weight 2. 0.4Kg

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